witchew brew

our new project in dortmund . enjoy some awesome impressions of the band...


robert sack - guitar

esther - maria sack - sacksophone

gunnar hess - percussion, digeridoo

stephan hendrix - keyboards

kai lemke - bass

thomas frisch - drums

special guest henning stumm from new york city - drums

... after show party....

besucht unsere myspace seite!!! www.myspace.com/witchesbrewtheband


listen to the band ! all you simply need is a media player. just click on the link and either open or download the song. enjoy!

check out our site at myspace: www.myspace.com/witchesbrewtheband


please check out some more great tunes at the radio station

for further information and material please contact: esther@jazzbeams.de


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